The 2050 road to climate-neutrality: are national long-term renovation strategies fit for 2050? This analysis, representing over 50% of the EU population (covering seven EU Member States and one region, Flanders, Belgium), reveals that Member States’ long-term renovation strategies (LTRS) are largely not compliant with the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD) objectives towards achieving a highly energy efficiency and decarbonised building stock by mid-century.
Beyond this, the objectives of the LTRS are now misaligned with the EU’s strengthened 2030 Climate Target and 2050 climate-neutrality objective.

Half of the analysed strategies include an objective at or above 90% GHG emissions reduction, which is in line with the legal requirement of the EPBD. However, none of the eight strategies targets 100% decarbonisation of the building stock.
This means that the substantial increase in renovation activity that is required – a deep renovation rate of 3% annually by 2030, is unlikely to be achieved.

The analysis ultimately reveals that even full compliance with the EPBD, as it currently stands, is not enough to achieve 2050 climate-neutrality. Member States should now be seeking to achieve 100% decarbonisation of their building stock and developing long-term renovation strategies to deliver the climate-neutrality objective. The revision process of the EPBD, within the context of the Fit for 55 package in 2021, offers the opportunity to ensure a much stronger place for buildings in Member States’ decarbonisation plans, who should implement the efficiency first principle.

A full revision of the EPBD is therefore strongly suggested in order to ensure that Europe achieve its strengthened 2030 climate target and its aim of climate-neutrality by 2050.

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